Hi I’m Jules

Your Human Compass

I am a womens’ high performance coach, leading with Wellbeing and Mindset.  I am one of the UK’s leading voices for womens wellbing, a best selling author, motivational speaker with a holistic toolkit to drive overall success.

Ensuring your health is a priority is fundamental to you being able to be the best version of you. In all walks of your life.

Life is busy from the moment that we are born in to this big fast busy wondrous world.  Right away we are bombarded with lots of sensory information, from left, right & centre.

We soak it all up & we learn our foundational beliefs from birth up to the age of 7 years old & these are then reinforced as we grow & develop.  This is our hard drive default setting system that “keeps us safe”.

Fast forward to where you are now.  Did you ever stop and ask yourself what you really want for and from your one life?

Are you exactly where you want to be? If the answer is “No”, I get that completely.  I didn’t ask myself this question until I had a full breakdown through burnout at the age of 47.

If your answer is “What do you mean, Choice? Life just happened…” 

If your answer is  “I honestly don’t know who I am anymore?” then maybe it is time to stop now and ask yourself this important question.

I am so passionate about helping women take full control of their life as early as possible in lifes journey, so that they are able to thrive, be happy & successful whilst being beautifully healthy.

It drives me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!


I lived on autopilot, to the point of me becoming chronically ill and hitting burnout at age 47.  My desire to save other women experiencing that same fate is strong!  I help women through the journey from asking themselves that BIG question, and if necessary go back to “reset to factory settings”, to finding the route to the life that they truly want.  Scroll down to find out how we can work together.

Do you ever feel like you are a passenger in your own life and you have become lost along the way somehow?

Are you actively choosing the life that you are living right now?

Are you living your best life?

Or have you just found yourself here and are ready to live the life that you really WANT and DESERVE to live?

Take this really short quiz. It will give you a brief insight in to where you are now so you have a base from which to start building a better, happier and healthier future.


The Direction Discovery Power Hour is a great way for you to gain some clarity on what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. This session starts with your question and we will brainstorm your solution whilst I help to support you with your confidence, self belief & direction. You will leave with an action plan and accountability. We can achieve a whole lot in one hour!

The Pathfinder is for the woman that wants support in identifying, planning and achieving her specific goals.  Pathfinder is based around your desired outcome and we will work over a one month period to make those goals a reality.  I will support you with all of your mindset, confidence, direction and strategy and will be there to provide your accountability base and will champion your success!

The Fading Woman® Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme is my transformational foundation self leadstep by step, no nonsense, non jargon, life changing programme.  It is the path that I took from being classed as disabled, to taking control and living my best, healthy, happy & successful life. The Fading Woman® will help you reclaim your body, power, purpose & joy.

One to One – To The Frontier is for the woman that is ready to make a serious investment in herself and in her future.  This woman is ready to do all of the work that is required to create the life that she truly wants.  This is the ultimate commitment to making life happen. I work closely with you every step of the way to define, plan and to reach your goals.  I am your support, your guide, your mentor, your teacher, your accountability partner, your biggest chearleader. 

Encompass 360º Retreat Package is a one of a kind Physical, Mental and Mindset Wellness Solution for High Ticket Retreat Providers and Corporate Organisations that have a passion to support the wellbeing of its employees.  This bespoke solution is like no other in the market place and offers tangible life changing transformations for each individual that experiences the service.  If you want to uplevel your retreat or be a real employer of choice, this is for you

Back to the Mothership Membership is a beautiful place for like minded women that want to achieve change in their life. They are committed to a 12 month package which includes The Fading Woman® Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme.  As a group they enjoy monthly group coaching; guest expert coaching as well as holistic crystal, moon and essential oil education.  This is an incredibly supportive community of support, honesty & growth.