Where You Are Now?

You are a woman that wants more, and that’s okay!

       You want some help finding  clarity in your life and a plan of action to create the reality that you want.

Your inner voice is talking  to you.

You may not know where to start.

You may not know how to get from where you are now to where you want to go, yet you know you really want to make it happen.

You may be a bit scared.

You may fear failure

You feel like you would be better with someone to guide you and support you through the journey.

You feel like you need a sounding board. Someone that has done this before.

You want someone to help you with a strategy; a clear plan of action,, so that you can see a clear path to your goals.

At the same time you want to make sure you are well and don’t burnout.

You want to do this now because if you don’t you will be in the exact same place in 12-months time and that is NOT happening

Jules Kelly Leading you to Find your ultimate freedom

If this is you, then I’ve got you..

We start as soon as you say you are ready for 4 weeks work!

We will have 4 x 90 minute one to one sessions where we will identify, define your stategic plan of action and start to or complete your plan (depending on the challenge you want to undertake). 

You will have strategy, clarity, accountability, focus, motivation and mindset support throughout the sessions.

You will have a very clear action plan to deliver to enable your goal to be achieved!

Your are in safe and capable hands

Finding Freedom is all about direction, strategy, mindset and motivation to get you to where you want to go

Why Work with Me?


I am Your Human Compass & Life Balance Strategist

I have been exactly where you are now.

I have worked in senior leadership roles in the corporate world for 26 years within Multinational and National organisations.

I am a business and life strategist with a twist. I can help you work on your business ideas, development and delivery. I can help with consultancy on your own current business and I can help you start out.  At the same time I can teach you how to stay in balance and look after yourself too.  Thats vital.

If you believe you can’t, I will help you identify why that is and fix it.  Bold statement but very true! As a Belief Coding® expert along with my other toolkit of modalities, I have the full skillset to support you all of the way.



My Credentials

Jules Kelly Your Human Compass



NLP Master Practitioner

Life Coach

Diet & Nutritional Advisor


Body Healing Coach

Anxiety Management Specialist

Corporate Wellness Coach

Grief & Bereavement Counsellor

Qualified Aromatherapist

Symphony of the Cells Spinal Energy Practitioner

Aromatouch Technique Practitioner

Published Best Selling Author

Business Strategist

Sales & Marketing Professional

Belief Coding® Facilitator

Motivational Speaker

I have all of this plus 52 years of Life Experience which has taught me much more than any qualification can teach

Finding Freedom is a bespoke 4 week programme for the woman that wants to make some amazing changes and have a safe, supportive, capable and advocate by her side

If you are ready for Finding Freedom you

Financial Investment is £3,000

*No refunds