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Are now THE event to offer.
There are so many advertised all of the time.
Your retreat may be amazing, yet is it blending in with all of the rest??

If you are looking for something tangible that will set your retreat way apart from the rest, whilst providing your clients with something of incredible transformational value, that they will benefit from long after the retreat is over, then Encompass 360º is for you.




 Employees are the most important element of most businesses. Stakeholders and leaders are recognising more & more that there is huge value in offering employee welnness programmes.  Providing a wellness service can positively contribute to performance, productivity and a reduction in absenteeism, as well as inspiring employees to become engaged in supporting their health and making more informed choices towards living a more fulfilled life.

The Retreat Solution by Your Human Compass


Brings the difference that will set you apart from the rest.


Providing your retreat clients with an incredible holistic service that will allow them to leave your event freer mentally and physically

The main take aways from a retreat is often the magic that happens between the sessions.

I  bring the extra magic.


Working one to one with your clients to identify and release any limiting beliefs and re imprinting new beliefs. This will allow them to feel free to live their life unencumbered and to their highest potential 

Holistic Wellness

Providing your clients with a holistic body scan using galvanic skin response that will provide an insight in to their overall physical and emotional wellbeing to help pinpoint the best way to support their session

One to One

Providing your clients with a metaphysical insight to their trauma and belief systems which we can work to release. We may offer aromatherapy support and can follow up after the event with a bespoke action plan

What makes me different to others?


I am Jules Kelly, Your Human Compass and I believe that I am the only person providing this service with my skillset or experience in the market place .  I am multi skilled in various holistic practices, an International Best Selling Author and I am the creator of The Life Freedom Method™


My Toolkit consists of various elements including

A motivational public speaker; An International Best Selling Author; A Body Healing Coach; Corporate Wellness Coach; Counsellor, Grief Counsellor; Aromatherapist; NLP Master Practitioner; Life Coach; Diet & Nutritional Advisor; Anxiety Management Specialist and Business Strategist .

I have walked the walk and have healed myself from burnout, breakdown and chronic illness.  I also have over 30 years business experience in the corporate world and have worked in and created multi 7 figure organisations.

I have helped countless people release themselves from limiting beliefs and the repercussions of trauma to go on and truly flourish.  I help women reach high performance whilst creating balance and whilst being beautifully healthy.

I am straight forward, honest and practical yet completely empathetic too.



Call me or drop me an email and let us have a chat about your requirements and what you are looking for.

We will check availability  and if I can offer what you want on the dates you want, we will agree terms and book those dates in the diary in pen!! 

I will attend your retreat or business event as a part of your complete offering and together we will create the retreat/event that stands out from the crowd, with clients that will return, and employees that stay and thrive

   The service that I provide is unique and I am

really great at what I do, in part because I LOVE IT!

But please don’t take my word for it.
Please fill in the contact form below and lets have a chat


“Jules is a force to be reckoned with. When she brings the sugar, she bring the sugar, and that is the reason I have booked Jules to speak at my next event!! After having the pleasure of listening to Jules speak for the first time a couple of weeks ago, she was one of 22 speakers over a 2 day event, and her talk hit me on a deeper level. She was articulate, witty, charismatic, but most importantly, she created impact and brought passion to her talk. I’m pretty certain every woman in the room went home to clear their cupboards out and start taking responsibility for their health and bodies. Jules is a vivacious character and had ability to captivate and hold the room. All eager to hear the next pearl of wisdom Jules had to offer.”

Jessica Cunningham

Having Jules at my retreat really did add an extra level of amazingness. The ladies who got to share Jules magic really did have an extra shift over the weekend. Her fun an easy going approach blended with her unbelievable knowledge, expertise and LOVE for what she does makes Jules the perfect extra ingredient for any retreat. I highly recommend her.

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