Jules Kelly Power Hour Discover your direction and strategy in a focussed hour just for you
Finding Freedom leads to a life of joy clarity and fulfilment
Self Lead The Fading Woman Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme

The Direction Discovery Power Hour is a great way for you to gain some clarity on what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. This session starts with your question and we will brainstorm your solution whilst I help to support you with your confidence, self belief & direction. You will leave with an action plan and accountability. We can achieve a whole lot in one hour!

Finding Freedom is for the woman that wants support in identifying, planning and achieving her specific goals.  Finding Freedom is based around your desired outcome and we will work over a one month period to make those goals a reality.  I will support you with all of your mindset, confidence, direction and strategy and will be there to provide your accountability base and will champion your success!

The Fading Woman® Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme is my transformational foundation self leadstep by step, no nonsense, non jargon, life changing programme.  It is the path that I took from being classed as disabled, to taking control and living my best, healthy, happy & successful life. The Fading Woman® will help you reclaim your body, power, purpose & joy.

Embracing all that life has to offer and claiming it for yoursekf
360 degree Transformational Retreat Package
Back to the Mothership - Home for the woman that wants more

One to One – To The Frontier is for the woman that is ready to make a serious investment in herself and in her future.  This woman is ready to do all of the work that is required to create the life that she truly wants.  This is the ultimate commitment to making life happen. I work closely with you every step of the way to define, plan and to reach your goals.  I am your support, your guide, your mentor, your teacher, your accountability partner, your biggest chearleader. 

Encompass 360º Retreat Package is a one of a kind Physical, Mental and Mindset Wellness Solution for High Ticket Retreat Providers and Corporate Organisations that have a passion to support the wellbeing of its employees.  This bespoke solution is like no other in the market place and offers tangible life changing transformations for each individual that experiences the service.  If you want to uplevel your retreat or be a real employer of choice, this is for you

Back to the Mothership Membership is a beautiful place for like minded women that want to achieve change in their life. They are committed to a 12 month package which includes The Fading Woman® Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme.  As a group they enjoy monthly group coaching; guest expert coaching as well as holistic crystal, moon and essential oil education.  This is an incredibly supportive community of support, honesty & growth.

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