Belief Coding®

This incredible science backed modality was created by Jessica Cunningham.  It combines elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix-Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology and Energy Healing to provide a really fast and effective therapy that helps to resolve and diffuse trauma thereby releasing limiting beliefs and freeing a person to re-imprint a new belief in its place.

 Jules Kelly is one of the original cohort of 15 Belief Coding Facilitators in the World and her knowledge and expertise as an NLP Master Practitioner, Past life Regression therapist, Counsellor and body healing coach, along with her incredible skill of making people feel at ease and safe, makes her the ideal woman to lead you through this life changing therapy. 


Jules Kelly Holistic Womens Exec Coach

Limiting Beliefs and Where they come from…


Our fundamental beliefs are generally formed before the age of seven hence the saying


“Show me the child at seven and I will show you the man”

Thereafter our upbringing and experiences reinforce those beliefs.  They are created to keep us safe.
In a moment of trauma, big or small our subconscious goes into flight or fight mode and creates a protective belief so that we avoid similar experiences in the future; to avoid the pain that is created through the emotional response felt and experienced.  The body keeps hold of that trauma and it is stored in our subconscious and plays out every single day in order to keep us safe,  until it is released.   As long as the trauma is stored in the subconscious,  similar events will trigger old emotions beliefs and characteristics.

People who have lots of trauma will be constantly triggered reaffirming the limiting belief in order to “keep them safe” when in fact they merely serve to hold them back.

We store each and every single experience in our subconscious our subconscious remembers pain and pleasure. We  know that when our subconscious experiences pain that it creates an emotional response that feels unsafe on a basic level. Those emotions are then communicated to our subconscious and are stored.  This stems back to our ancestors during evolution when we feared the sabre toothed tiger and was essential for our survival.

As society has evolved, we are leaving evolution behind and therefore what served us then, no longer serves us now.  This is also true for what we learned from our own early lives.

Jules Kelly finding peace with the past and embracing the future

Does this sound like you?

I’m always late.
I’m not organised.
Nothing ever goes right for me.
It’s their fault because…..
You’re making me feel like…..
I am not confident to do…..
Why are others so much better than me?
I’m not good enough to do that
They are going to leave
I always attract bad luck.
I can’t afford that.
I always make the wrong decision.

You get the picture?
Now Imagine turning all of that on it’s head!

I’m so efficient and well organised
Everything I do turns to gold.
I really am good at what I do.
I feel my confidence growing every day.
I feel I’m good at what I do.
I am good enough.
I just seem to win at everything.
I am capable of earning more than enough money
I am fully confident in my decisions.

Belief Coding® can help you to make this happen with my help

Jules Kelly Belief Coding Specialist

Are you ready to take control of your life and get rid of the beliefs that are holding you back?


 Why work with me


I am a multi skilled Life Balance Strategist and have been exactly where you are now.

I am one of the first Belief Coding® Practitioners in the World and was trained and mentored by its creator Jessica Cunningham.

Coupled with my own experience and skills in NLP, Body Healing, Past Life Regression, Counselling and my unique gift of making people feel extremely comfortable and supported, I am extremely well placed to facilitate your journey in to your subconscious, to help free you from the beliefs that are holding you back from being the very best version of you, and helping you re-imprint a fresh new set of beliefs.


My Credentials

Jules Kelly Holistic Coach including Belief Coding



NLP Master Practitioner

Life Coach

Diet & Nutritional Advisor


Body Healing Coach

Anxiety Management Specialist

Corporate Wellness Coach

Grief & Bereavement Counsellor

Qualified Aromatherapist

Symphony of the Cells Spinal Energy Practitioner

Aromatouch Technique Practitioner

Published Best Selling Author

Business Strategist

Sales & Marketing Professional

Belief Coding® Facilitator

Motivational Speaker

Don’t Just take my
word for it…..

I trust this lady with all my heart and if ever there was a lady that makes an impact and knows her LIFE shizzle … this is the woman
Jules Kelly aka The life auditor or Dr J as I like to call her is the author of The Fading Woman , she has knowledge and direction and a no nonsense approach with her transformational Life Audit & Radical Self Care and Belief Coding genius work
She is also hilarious and caring beyond words xxx ( she’s not an actual Dr but she’s cured me of few ailments xxx
Jojo Smith - FairyGodmother at CreativSAS

I have had 2 awesome belief coding sessions via zoom with Jules. They have identified 4 different blocks so far from age 1 to my early twenties, several of these are linked to an area of the body I have a health concern with! It is amazing how accurate this is and how clearing the blocks has put me firmly back in the steering seat. I highly recommend belief coding with Jules to everyone.

Tracy de Ridder

I absolutely loved my Belief coding session with Jules and had such a shift from something I had not realised was even underlying in my sub conscious mind and how much it had impacted on my life, my relationships, my sense of being. I feel like I realised my limiting belief and feel so much lighter since our session. Jules has a really kind, compassionate energy and It was a fabulous feeling when it shifted I am now moving forward with my life and future limitless success. If you are thinking about working with Jules…don’t think about it any longer, just do it.

Naomi Gilmour

I can’t believe the difference after an hour working with Jules. The difference in 2 weeks have been marvellous. I have felt I can deal with anything; my confidence has returned on a massive level. I admit I was slightly sceptical, but I was intrigued. I knew she would find something but what that something was I just didn’t know. If you are thinking you will breeze through this, beware she will release whatever the body and you need. I found Belief Coding liberating. I am on a journey with Jules as I know something is still lurking but its buried deep. I must find the right time to do this, believe you me, I will. I have no qualms about recommending Jules to my clients, friends, and family.

Katie Page

If you are looking for someone to support you to a full vibrant healthier life on many levels Jules Kelly can help.

Her holistic approach and belief coding techniques I have personally experienced and the results are phenomenal. I shifted rejection and guilt on a deep level and feel lighter.

Jules has a very real way of getting you to explore your life, like she says as a life auditor. There is no judgement, only love and a safe space to explore.

I highly recommend having a chat with her if you would like to up your game in a healthy way.

I’m so looking forward to the future and Jules will always be in my world.
so so grateful to you woman xx
Charlotte Carter - High Performance Coach

To anyone considering this, I’d 100% recommend. I blubbed all the way through but dealt with things I could never have pinpointed on my own, and it’s given me some invaluable tools that I can use to navigate my day to day 🙌🏼😎

Rosie Wilkins

I had been experiencing pain in my back for over a year that would come and go for seemingly no reason! I went into the belief coding session not really expecting anything, as a bit of a cynic, yet an hour later after pin pointing the source of my pain I felt like a new person – like a weight was lifted and the pain was gone! Since the session I’ve been a different person, much more positive and pain free. Cannot recommend it enough!

Alfie Kelly

I had been feeling so stuck in old self sabotaging behaviour that was really starting to impact on my business as I was scared to take a leap of faith because I could not quite put my finger on what it was that was holding me back ? Sound familiar? So Jules said I have got just the thing for you It’s New modality called BELIEF CODING that’s breaking through Old worn out patterns that have been causing us to be a slave to the old way of doing things and much like our technology we need to upgrade the soft ware regularly and clean up any viruses etc so it can work more efficiently and we can get things done much faster and I couldn’t believe how fast the process actually works! I was really feeling like a failure and felt a lots of resistance from the ego but knew this therapy was cutting edge so I felt why would I not give it a try as I was desperate to find a better way of healing my past and really going for my dreams!! I was of course sceptical at first until I experience It and how quickly I could identify the most persistent issue and patterns. We worked through a lot of past stuff and negative energy that has become the ‘belief ‘ Into old worn out coding’ that definitely needed an upgrade!! I can’t wait to see the results now I’m getting out of my own way. I can’t believe I am getting such incredible results!! From just a couple of hours treatment Thanks Jules so much for sharing this with me I highly recommend it

Andrea Killeen (Psychotherapist )

After a lower back accident almost 20 years ago I suffered with a bulged disc off and on! I’ve seen numerous practitioners and tried various pain tablets, vitamins etc. I always blamed the accident for my constant niggling bad back but after a belief coding session with the AMAZING Jules Kelly how wrong was I! From a belief coding I was actually also holding trapped trauma from my fertility journey 15 years ago that Jules simply removed. Jules is an amazing lady to work with on belief coding and through laughter and her directness made me feel at ease at the start of the session. She’s an incredibly experienced woman who’s walked the earth and collected many tools to help with her along her way and practise, all holistic. What she doesn’t have in her holistic Mary Poppins bag isn’t worth having!! I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Jules Kelly for another BC session as it’s changed my life for the better I no longer take lots of pain killers!! She’s simply the best!!

Vickie Moore

Belief coding session with Jules, well what can I say! Amazing, caring, nurturing and life changing. I can’t even remember what I shifted – which completely shows it’s gone! However what I do know is this modality changes lives and having Jules facilitate was just incredible, she was so caring and loving & so powerfully supportive! Whatever your discomfort, trigger or trauma might be, put your trust in Jules she can help you and you will feel flippin amazing!

Emma Carlin

Yesterday I had my first session of Belief Coding with Jules,I hadn’t done any research tbh I just knew instinctively that this therapy was what I needed and that Jules was the girl. I have known Jules since we worked together at Manchester Airport in the ‘olden days’ . I had questioned whether having such a personal therapy with someone I knew would be uncomfortable but it was quite the reverse,Jules had me at ease within seconds and I felt a real heart connection with this wonderful woman. The belief coding session was incredible,I won’t share details as these sessions are very personal but I simply cannot recommend highly enough if you have anything that’s weighing you down, or you feel you have blockages or traumas that need clearing/healing,that you book a session. It was really wonderful 🙏🏼

Jane Bonnet

Last night, I had the most amazing power hour with Jules
From start to finish, the realisation, the activations the shift that happened were just phenomenal.
We worked through belief coding and Jules also gave me amazing guidance about my business.
I’ve never worked with Belief coding before, it’s an amazing modality. This brought up feelings and beliefs of abandonment and overwhelm
These beliefs dated back to the age of 17 and I’ve been carrying these in my subconscience for over 30 years.
And one of the beliefs in my system dates back to when my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 37.
These have been blocking my progress and my money mindset and needed to be cleared.
I had no idea that I was holding onto any of this and I’m just so grateful that Jules has helped me clear these and come into alignment.
Her business knowledge is just amazing, and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to spend this time with her.
I love Jules anyway, her energy her zest for life and knowledge and skills are just so amazing. I’m so grateful to you lovely lady and I feel free, at peace, supported and I know what I need to do now.
Androulla Corbin

There are 2 options for you


1 x Belief Coding Session (Up to 2 hours)  £250

5 x Belief Coding Session £1100

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