Jules Kelly, Your Human Compass


Life Auditor & Balance Strategist
Holistic Wellness & Mindset Expert
Best Selling Author
Motivational Public Speaker

“If you want to be inspired, you Need Jules in Your Camp”

Jules Kelly is an incredible women’s holistic coach, a bestselling author and motivational speaker.   She helps women to achieve the life that they actively want to live, both personally and in business.

You can be at the absolute top of your game, but how can you possibly be doing your best if your work life balance, your health and wellbeing or your happiness is off kilter?

Using her Signature Seesaw Toolkit, Jules works with women from all walks of life that are ready to do the work and to make the changes needed, so that they can have it all…whatever that is.

A wonderful motivational speaker, using her years of business experience and healing herself from 12 years of chronic ill health, being classified as disabled and being heavily medicated,  to helping women live their very best life.

She truly believes that if you want something badly enough, with the right attitude, mindset freedom and strategy, you can make it happen and she will help you achieve it if you choose.

Signature Topics 

Chronic Ill Health
Recovery from Chronic Ill Health
Mindset Freedom & Belief Coding®
Self Sabotage
Plant Medicine
Women’s Hormonal Health
Womens’ Health
Stress and Anxiety Management
Creating Balance in your life
Taking Control
Future Self
New Business Start Up
Avoiding Burnout
Breaking the Bias

“Jules is a force to be reckoned with. When she brings the sugar, she bring the sugar, and that is the reason I have booked Jules to speak at my next event!! After having the pleasure of listening to Jules speak for the first time a couple of weeks ago, she was one of 22 speakers over a 2 day event, and her talk hit me on a deeper level. She was articulate, witty, charismatic, but most importantly, she created impact and brought passion to her talk. I’m pretty certain every woman in the room went home to clear their cupboards out and start taking responsibility for their health and bodies. Jules is a vivacious character and had ability to captivate and hold the room. All eager to hear the next pearl of wisdom Jules had to offer.”

Jessica Cunningham - Belief Coding™ Founder, Star of The Apprentice

“I wasn’t expecting to hear something so close to my heart at the event. Being previously unwell myself, switched to a Vegan diet and stopped taking medication I was taken aback by the fresh, forward thinking approach Jules gave to her speech about natural alternatives to health difficulties. She was not only clear and passionate about her message but engaged the audience with her relaxed nature whilst also having an urgent, seriousness to her tone. She led us from laugh to cry in her unwavering message which really made me rethink my own business practices and how I can similarly continue that message into my own audience. She was for me one of the most outstanding speeches of the event.

Zoe Brinn - Systems Specialist & Leadership Coach

If you would like book Jules Kelly to come and speak at your event or comment on a press piece

Please get in touch at jules@juleskelly.com

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