Welcome to The Stop! Reflect & Get Cracking Challenge

If you are already a member of the Wake Up Wise Up & Flourish Tribe you will already know who I am and how I roll!  If not then please join the Tribe and I hope that this event will give you a great insight about what I am all about.

I welcome you to this 3 day challenge to give you a good insight about what you will expect from The Back To The Mothership Membership.

This challenge is designed to get you thinking about whats great in your life, whats not so great and what you want your life to look like!

At the end of the 3 Day challenge you will get the opportunity to sign up and join the membership right away or join the waiting list! The membership goes live on the 1st January 2022 so that this can be a year all about you, your body,  your passion and purpose!

Thank you for trusting me in this process.

Sign up here for the Challenge now and save the date! 1-3 December 2021

You will be invited to join the bespoke Facebook Group especially for the challenge and I will start letting you in on the 30th November


 We are going to stop and review  our current position and we are going to audit where we are at



We will look at what we want to change and what can stay and what your ideal future looks like



We make a plan of action to start bringing the new you back again


Jules Kelly is The Life Auditor, Life Balance Strategist.
She has worked within the corporate world within Senior Leadership positions for almost 30 years before she “hit the wall”. She healed herself from chronic ill health and removed 12 years worth of opiate pain medication from her life. She took control of her body and life and now lives a life of purpose.  Having retrained and become committed to truly “living life” she now helps women, just like you to grab life by the scruff of the neck and live it with as much balance, purpose and good health as possible.

Jules is a straight talking, honest, kind & reliable safe pair of hands that will guide you to live the life that you actively choose and help you to get rid of the stuff that no longer serves you.

Join this 3 days challenge and allow her to help you to start your Life Audit