So it is 20th September 2021 and it’s 6.30am.

I am never really up and at it this early, especially not showered and dressed, but today I have given birth!
Not to a human! I have already done plenty for the human race in that regard thank you very much!
This time it’s a beautiful book.  A book that I had never even thought about writing just over 6-months ago, yet here she is.
All done, shiny and gorgeous and full of my passion to help women to live their best lives.

A book was the last thing from my mind 4 years ago, which was when I hit my wall.
I hit the wall of breakdown and burnout.  Its a torrid hideous place to find yourself and one that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
I was in the midst of a life where I felt little hope of ever getting through a day pain free.
I was heavily medicated and spent a lot of my time sleeping or in a state of complete panic.

In 2018, I reached out to others outside of the “white coat” medical fraternity for help.  I woke up, wised up and was on a mission
to get well and to take control of my body and my life.  The alternative was too damn depressing to drag around with me for
the rest of my days.

Reading, research and a grit and determination to get well, lead me to meet some of the most incredible people. People to
whom I will be forever grateful for guiding me through parts of my learning.

I successfully managed to withdraw from the shopping list of opiates that I had been prescribed and achieved a life that was
free of pain.

i asked myself the question…”what do you want from your life Jules” for the first time in 47 years.

The answer was I want to help other women to realise that they don’t have to hit the wall before they can make changes.

I then read a piece of work by Donna Ashworth called To The Woman that was Fading Away.  It goes like this.

To the woman that has lost her spark
To the woman whose get up and go has well and truly gone
This is for you

This is to remind you whose daughter you are
This is to remind you that you don’t need to be everything to everyone every single day
You didn’t sign up for that.

Do you remember when you used to laugh, sing. Throw caution to the wind.
Do you remember when you used to  forgive yourself more easily for not always being perfect.

Well you can get that back again, you really can.
And that doesn’t mean letting people down or walking away
It simply means learning to be kinder to yourself and being brave enough to say no sometimes.
Being brave enough to stop sometimes and rest.

It that starts the moment that you realise that you are not the person that you used to be
Some of that is good and some of that is not.
There are parts of you that need to be brought back
And if anyone in your life is not okay with that then they are not your people
Your people will be glad to see that spark starting to light up again

So if you have been slowly fading away my friend, now is the time to start saying yes to all those things that bring you joy
And no to things that don’t.

It’s really pretty simple.

Wow!! This work hit my like a wet fish around the chops! I knew how to bring this fading woman back again.

I had done it! I was this woman and I know that there are millions of other women out there that feel the same way.

The book had to be written. How hard could it be right?!  I wrote the book with some amazing guidance from the Authors & Co Team.

The book had to be published to give women far and wide the steps to do the same as I had done.

To bring those parts of her that she may have lost back home again.

Today the book is here!

Enjoy The Fading Woman.  I hope it inspires you to do something that lights up your life.

We always have just one life and two choices.

We accept the life we have and exist or
We choose the life we want and live the bejesus out of it!


You can buy the book via the link here and start your journey today.