Living with Fibromyalgia is BLOODY HARD, but….

I honestly believe that if you REALLY WANT to get better, you will move heaven and earth to do it.

Yesterday, I saw a post on Facebook from a man, clearly distressed; clearly in pain; clearly in a low place, and he explained to those that were reading that he was worn out and that life was rubbish and could anyone say that they ever get better from this condition?

I started to type a response to say “Yes! I got better”! And then I stopped.

There were 100’s of responses to this poor bloke.  The majority of which joined him in this echo chamber of doom.  Some said that they tried to make the best of it, but on the whole, the majority were accepting this life sentence.

So why did I stop myself?  I’ll tell you why! In 2018, having lived with Fibromyalgia for 12 years, I found a way to get well.  I had hit my lowest point and it was either accept that THIS was it or I take control. I took control.  I took back ownership of my body from the medics and I educated myself and made getting well my mission.

I shared in one of these “support” groups that I had got well and within seconds, I was called out for trying to sell something! The message was loud and clear.  We don’t want suggestions on how to get well.  We just want to talk about what drugs we are taking and what the side effects are and how shit life is.

When I wrote my book, The Fading Woman®, which documents my journey from being classified as “disabled” to being fit and healthy, I shared this too with  the administrators of the online support group, soo that they were able to decide if their people would benefit, in an attempt to share the information in a way that wasn’t selling, but coming from a place of knowledge, help and support.  To give others HOPE that they too could get well.  They never returned my message or posted any information about the book.


When you are chronically sick, Hope is one of the emotions that you try to hold on to.  After time however, I felt as though I became my condition and I can absolutely see how others do this too.  There is little support; The Docs don’t really understand you; There is an unspoken “oh not another one” when another Fibro diagnosis is made.  I remember telling an old friend that I had Fibromyalgia once and her response was “Christ! You’re not one of them are you!?” Yep that will be me!

There is a subconscious fear around getting well for many people.  What will life be like if I no longer live in pain?  Would I be expected to go back to work? What if I went back and then didn’t feel well? I  may lose my benefits and my home and off we go down the catastrophising route.  I see it and I hear it all of the time.

I rarely talk about Fibromyalgia and getting well for these reasons.  Life is too short to be responding to negativity for me.  Hearing responses like, its ok for you, you can afford it; or its ok for you but I’ve got other health stuff going on as well…etc…etc. To me this is noise and excuses.  As I type that I can already hear the doom squad starting the rant.

And to them I say, I hear you. I see you and with love, I challenge you.

I ask you, are you doing any of your own research or work other than what your GP is talking to you about?

I ask you, what have you done to proactively get better?

I ask you, what have you done to understand your body?

I ask you, what are you prepared to give up in order to get well?

I ask you, are you open to taking responsibility for any of your health conditions?

I ask you, what do you really want your life to look like and what can you do towards making that happen?

Most of us are born in to this world healthy.

Most of us have been through many challenges in life and carry trauma within our bodies and don’t even realise it.

Most of us can take a level of responsibility for our body and wellness.

I would love to hear from others with Fibromyalgia with a response to these questions.

I would love to hear from others that want to get well.  Really want to.

I don’t need to hear what can’t be done. I’ve seen and heard it all.  It doesn’t resonate with me.

I got well.

If I can, my belief is so can others.

I am happy to write my own article on this in my space, yet I am not energetically aligned to joining the echo Chambers of Doom.

For those of you that want to explore what I did, you can check out The Fading Woman® on Amazon or via Waterstones. BUY THE FADING WOMAN

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You only have #onelifetwochoices

All i can do is plant the seed.

Wishing you nothing but Happiness & Great Health