Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine


Its been a while since I put type to blog!

March is the time when we come out of the winter hibernation. The birds start to sing, the bulbs start to grow shoots and the nights start to get shorter and days longer.  

I have been in a period of development and growth and have come out of the other side with clarity; a new brand and a stronger drive than ever to share my message.

My message being that our bodies need our love, appreciation and care no matter what is going on. It comes first.   Without giving it what it needs, it will fail; you will feel rubbish at some point in the future (or even now); you will not be performing at your best in your home life or in your business.

You may have all of the money in the world. The posh bags, fancy cars, great holidays.  How great is all of that if you are sick.

“Self Care” & “Wellness” are terms that you hear banded about a lot.  But what does that mean to you?  Believe me, it is much more than an epsom salt bath once a week.

Having been on the wrong side of the “Self-Care” wall for most of my life, my body failed. I had a full breakdown in 2017/2018. I was classified as Disabled and I lived with a chronic health condition for 12 years, being heavily medicated to keep the old carcass going.

My breakdown was the best thing that could have happened to me.

This was my wake up call! My D-Day! If I wanted to live a life of purpose and joy, I needed to take control of my body and my brain.  I came off 12 years of opiate pain medication and I replaced them with natural alternatives.

I did the “inner work”.  What “they” say is true, you have to “feel it to heal it” and I am grateful to have felt every last bit of it, and continue to do this work now too.

I retrained and I learned everything I could about how our body works and how our emotions affect our body. Metaphysics is real and I am constantly staggered by how I am now able to help others to heal their physical ailments by working on their subconscious.  Together with many other modalities I am honestly blessed to be able to make a real transformational difference to peoples lives.

I no longer live with the restrains or pain of Fibromyalgia.  I give my body what it needs and I listen to what my body is saying to me.

My passion to help women to take control of their body and their lives is what drives me every day.  I have been at the top of the corporate ladder and thought I knew better. There was no one that could have persuaded me to slow down. Eventually my body did that for me.

A big challenge is to make those High Performing Achievers listen in before they hit burnout. I get that.  If you are reading this and this sounds like you, please get in touch.  You can have it all, with balance, but believe me you really don’t want to find out the hard way.






Make now the time to get on to the self-care wellness train.  I have 7 different ways that I can work with you. 7!!! There will be one way that suits you for sure. 

For now, let me give you 3 quick tips to start you looking after yourself from now on. 

1. Drink 2l of water per day as a minimum
2. Reduce your toxic load
3. Stop eating processed crap food

I have plenty more advice for you.  

Get in touch with me and lets get to work before your body makes the decision for you and the climb to wellness is more of an expedition. 

Im ready when you are.