So what do you do Jules?

I get asked this a lot and to be fair it’s not been long since I actually defined it.

I love people and I love to help people. What I have also learned over my years on this planet is that I can’t save everyone.

So I work with Women.

I am The Life Auditor™️ and a Women’s Transformational Coach.

As an empath, I “feel” others struggles and so I have to protect myself and my energy.

What this helps me with though, along with my Super Power of Clarity is that I can see the bigger picture. I can see through the bull shit and the noise and I can, when they are ready, help women sort their lives out.

The women that I work with need to be ready.

They may not like what I have to tell them but they know they have to hear it and act on it if they want to facilitate change in their life.

Working with me is Transformational.

Women are not paying me for an hourly rate.

Women are paying me for leading them through a Transformational process where, if they do the work, their lives change, exponentially and for the better.

Personal, Business or both. The whole shooting match.

I have worked in and created 7 figure businesses and
have worked across both public and private sector enterprises.

So there you have it! That’s what I do!

I help women to Wake Up, Wise Up and Flourish. I help them to grab life by the balls and make every minute count. No more wasting one more minute on mediocre.

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