It is almost unimaginable how amazing the world could be when women impact one another so much that they are inspired to create change in the world. 

When I read the words of a poem written by this beautiful woman, Donna Ashworth, I literally stopped in my tracks. The words of her work, To The Woman that was Slowly Fading Away resonated with me so much, that it inspired me to share my own journey with other women around the globe. I was the woman that was slowly fading away. But, I was back. I realised that whilst Donna wrote of the woman that was slowly fading away, I was going to write to that woman to show her how she could return. To help her reclaim her body, her power, her joy and her purpose. I have kept Donna updated with exactly how grateful I am to her for her words and her incredible work and, how it has inspired me and still does each and every day.  Donna’s work is available to buy by using this link here

Today my own first book is published. The Fading Woman leads women through my Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme to bring those bits of themselves that they may have lost along life’s journey back again. Those bits that they never had and wanted, to be attracted in to their new life and for them to reclaim their body, passion, purpose and power. Life is short and precious. It is time to reclaim your life now.

I truly hope that The Fading Woman inspires other women to grab life and live it to the max, and they then go on to do similar and inspire others by making a change in the world.

I will be eternally grateful for Donna Ashworth’s amazing words and the fire they lit in my gut to make this project happen.



The more copies that are sold means the more women I can reach to give them the simple steps to reclaim their life.  Less than the price of a coffee for the kindle version until Midnight tonight!