Making change starts with just one step.

When I was very unwell and I hit the proverbial wall, I knew that life HAD TO change.  I knew that I could not carry on existing the way that I was.  It was no life.  It was a painful existence that needed to be taken control of.

Did I know how I was going to do it that day? No

Did I know where I was heading that day? No

But what I did know was that staying rooted in this shit storm of a life was not an option, so I took the first step.

I made a decision that things were going to change.

And slowly and one step at a time, I found my path.  My first port of call was to get well.  I’d been sick and heavily medicated for 12 years.  I found an alternative way and I concentrated on getting well.

Then when I got well, I asked myself what I wanted to do next.  I knew that I wanted to help people to understand that there were alternatives to opiate pain medication and that life could be very different.

So I took it upon myself to share my new found knowledge with others.



I wanted to retrain as an Aromatherapist, so I did.

I wanted to train in a number of energy techniques, becauses I wanted to help people in a more holistic way, so I did.

I trained to be a life coach; a grief and bereavement counsellor; an NLP Master Practitioner…and the list goes on.  Each step was a step towards now.

What I am saying is that I found my path and my tribe as I developed and my life evolved.  I trusted that I was in the right place at the right time, and I still do to this day.  Life is a journey.

Had I not made that one decision and taken that first step in 2017, I wouldn’t be hear today, doing what I do. That is helping women to find their why; To find their mojo; their health, their wellbeing; their purpose and their joy.

All because I was “brave” enough to take that first step without a route map to start with. 

So Mrs! If you are ready to get out of your own way and you know that there is more for you than you are living now. Be BRAVE. Take that first step.  Who knows where it will lead? But, know this…it has to be better than where you are now if you are not living your best life today.

If you want help with finding your way back to you, then I am here for you and I am ready when you are.